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YourFlow AB offers products and services in the areas logistics and production. We offer flexible solutions to your needs and educate and coach in the use of YourFlow. We also carry out feasibility studies and lead projects.

The software tool YourFlow for modified value stream mapping is the core of YourFlow AB's product portfolio.

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  • Lean transformation. Flow orientation and lead-time reduction of larger machining. Creation of midi blocks for effective operator utilization. Introduction of new flow solutions (unique in Europe).
  • Capacity increasing project for soft and hard machining of syncronizations.
  • Lean flow project. Flow orientation of internal logistic gear-box assembly and the introduction of AGC solution.
  • New range line. Rationalization project, merging of two assemblies into one. Simplications of logistic solutions and introduction of AGC solution with traffic management system.
  • Feasibility study for wire manufacturing. Proposals for flow improvements and effectivizations in wire management process.
  • Feasibility study for house manufacturing. Lead-time reduction and new concept. Increased capacity with preserved manning.
  • New assembly. Merging of three assemblies into one.

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